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This service offers you an automatic USA and worldwide IP rotation/backconnect premium public http proxy servers ideal for web data scraping/extraction tools, data mining applications and SEO tools such as Xrumer, Senuke, GSA SER, GScraper, Scrapebox, Hrefer etc and any other web scrapers. Thousands of premium and verified http servers located in multiple countries worldwide are made accessible via redundant gateway servers. Our unique proxy service is reliable, fast, automatic and fully redundant (24/7).

The proxies are assessed via a Gateway server. Once connected to the gateway server, each connection is then re-routed to different http proxy IPs in multiple countries in this scheme:


All proxies provided are fully anonymous and shared proxies,support both HTTP and HTTPS, require IP authentication and comes with unlimited connections per month.Note: Our backconnect proxies is a special kind of backconnect proxy service that operates quite differently from the normal backconnect proxy you may be familiar with. With our backconnect proxy, you are given a gateway server IP with muliple ports for each proxy protocol. Each of these ports authorizes the proxy protocol ( HTTP/HTTPS)to access via the designated port and not the number of threads/connections you can run.Unlike other backconnect proxy providers that limits the number of connections per port to 10, we allow up to maximum of 100 threads.

In addition, you are allowed unlimited connections per month. We have a proxy pool of over 50K which is readily available via the gateway server.Our automatic IP rotation http proxy services allows you to get as many IP addresses as you want. Proxies IPs change automatically with each request (Random) and with our single service package you will have a fresh pool of randomly automatic rotating unlimited IPs rotated with each request or at random intervals.If you need to scrape websites such as search engines or extract unlimited data from the web without getting blocked, this is the perfect solution for you!. With our automatic rotating proxies, you have the unique ability to collect information faster by running a high volume of concurrent requests, with each request coming from a different IP address.



 Web data extraction/scraping and data mining: With our IP rotation proxy service, you will have the unique ability to harvest or scrape unlimited web data faster by running a high volume of concurrent requests with each request coming from a different IP address thereby allowing you to get unrestricted access to unlimited web data.

 SEO Tools: Our IP rotation proxies works great with all SEO tools such as GSA SER, Senuke, Xrumer etc. Unlike other proxy providers who limit your threads and make you pay for more threads, we give you unlimited connections for a flat monthly fee..

 Automated and Multi-threaded Web Actions: Our IP rotation/backconnect proxies performs best when used in an automated and multithreaded manner using any automated tool. With our unique backconnect proxy system, the number of unique IPs you can get depends on the number of threads your automated tool is capable of running.

 Search engine submission companies

 Competitive and pricing intelligence

Web content aggregation

 Financial and market research



 Access to both HTTP and HTTPS (CONNECT ) proxy with BIND, CONNECT and UDP support. All proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS

 Access to both USA and Worldwide geolocated back-connect/IP rotation proxies for same price Unlimited and random USA and worldwide proxy IP addresses rotated every request without throttling

 IPs are automatically rotated from our large proxy pool of over 50,000 private and public proxies IPs from mixed countries Free 1 hour unrestricted test before you buy. No refund policy applies.

 Proxies easily integrates with any commercial or open source web scraping software that supports http proxy.

Best proxies for automated account creation, scraping and any automated web actionsBest GSA SER optimized backconnect proxies for high speed and unlimited posting. See setup guide here (pdf)

 Complete anonymity and easy setup. Spamming, fraud and any form of illegal use is strictly forbiden.

 No need to import multiple http proxies into your program anymore. Simply use a single IP and port and you can use a maximum thread of 100 for only $29/month

Ideal for SEO tools such as Senuke, Xrumer, GSA SER, Scrapers, data extraction scripts etc

 Fast account activation after we receive your IP for authentication

Unlimited access to over 50,000 proxies IP available on static gateway proxy server 24/7

 Fast speed and unlimited connections while preventing high traffic from a single IP address. Our redundant gateway IP allows queries to run in parralel across huge pool of anonymous IPs by dispersing the requests across thousands of IP addresses to prevent blocking and throttling.

 Automatic IP rotation. No manual switching required. Just configure a single proxy IP and port and switching occurs automatically

All proxies supports all online games

 The best backconnect proxies for Google scraping, posting, and scraping/harvesting web data.

 100% anonymity. The proxy server and target website/destination will not be able to determine the real IP address of your computer; only the IP address of our gateway server is seen by the proxy server.

No traffic filtering

 Uses IP authentication.

 High availability backconnect proxy service with Unlimited bandwidth

 Maximum 100 simultaneous connections are allowed

 Our backconnect/IP rotation proxies works perfectly with all SEO softwares and Social/Videos websites such as GSA SER, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter

 View any geo-restricted content anywhere!

 All our back-connect proxies are third-party proxies which are sourced from all various sources. These proxies are NOT sourced from Botnet or Port scanning, therefore its 100% legal to use them for your SEO/web scraping needs.

 High speed proxies for Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, eBay, etc


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